Terms & Conditions

Prior to arrival:

  • We at the Scapa Flow Diving Centre aim to give you all you wish for and expect from your holiday. In return we ask you to read the following terms and conditions prior to making your booking.
  • By securing your booking with us you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  • Bookings of groups are accepted with the person making the booking being responsible for the deposit and thereafter the full payment for the agreed holiday.
  • We will send email confirmation of dates and we ask you to check that email to ensure correct dates are being booked.
  • Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment but a check is also acceptable. Please note that the booking cannot be exclusively secured until check has cleared. BACS details for bank transfer will be included on the confirmation e-mail.
  • 20% deposit secures the booking and final balance is to be met 3 months prior to your arrival, failure to make this payment could result in our re-advertising the booking and loss of your deposit.
  • We recommend that you take out adequate holiday insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that result in your having to cancel your booking with us. We are not liable to offer you a refund should you need to cancel all or part of your booking after you have paid deposit or full balance of payment, all outstanding monies are also collectable.

While on board:

  • MV Crusader is a registered Code 2 vessel. It is insured with full 3rd party and passenger liability insurance. Personal insurance however is recommended for divers as the ship insurance does not cover against incident while diving or off the boat.
  • Divers will be taken through safety procedure by the Skipper. These procedures must be followed by all on board at all times. The Skippers decision is final in all matters relating to safety, vessel management and to suitability of weather and conditions for diving. The skipper will therefore reserve the right to terminate dive or suggest alternative location according to sea or weather conditions or any other circumstances outwith his control.
  • Divers will be required to sign a 'Fitness to Dive Form' prior to diving with the Scapa Flow Diving Centre. This form can be downloaded here and any queries about the acceptable level of fitness, training and certification should be directed to the Scapa Flow Diving Centre before making any booking. No refund will be offered should a diver find they are not fit, suitably trained or certified to our satisfaction and are thereby refused diving.
  • Care of divers own equipment while on the MV Crusader is the divers own responsibility and no liability for accidental damage will be accepted by the Scapa Flow Diving Centre for that equipment. It is therefore recommended that you have insured your own dive equipment and take due care and attention to potential hazards on-board.
  • Skipper and Crew may recommend dives or wrecks but in doing so accept no responsibility for safety of dive. No responsibility for any accident or injury including death caused to any person or persons arising out of diving or use of diving equipment shall be accepted.